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1st Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Upholstery and Area Rugs

There is no need to; we can make even the dirtiest couches and area rugs look new.

Here are the steps involved in our upholstery and area rugs procedure:

carpet cleaning San Diego CA
carpet cleaning San Diego CA
  • Preinspection: Before cleaning your upholstery or area rugs, we inspect them. Our experts determine the method and treatment to use. During this step, we also check the fabric for chemical sensitivity.
  • Color Fastness: After preinspection, we conduct a color fastness test. The check-up gives us the best and safest cleaning method for your upholstery.
  • Pre-Conditioning: We condition the fabric to break up the dirt. This step ensures that extraction will be efficient in cleaning.
    Soil Extraction: Our experts extract dirt from the upholstery, leaving the fabric clean. We also inspect the cloth at intervals to check for any remaining stains.
  • Spot Removal: We will treat the fabric an additional time if there are any stubborn spots in the upholstery.
  • Fabric Protector: We also apply a fabric protector to prevent future stains, spills, or spots.
  • Fabric Drying: After cleaning, we dry the rugs and upholstery fabric. Once complete, you can put your cushions and furniture back soon after.
  • Inspection: Finally, we inspect the fabric to see if any spots or stains are left behind.